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Bowden Brae, Normanhurst Redevelopment

Client: Uniting
Location: Normanhurst NSW
Year: Ongoing
Image Credits: Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty Ltd

Located in the leafy northwestern suburbs of Sydney, Uniting’s existing village is making ready for the 21st century with a major makeover that reflects the caring philosophy of Uniting as a provider of compassionate services to the community.

To fullfill these objectives, Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects has brought the warmth of nature as a focal design theme to the site, retaining the existing native trees and the essence of the flowering gardens developed by residents to create a memorable landscape that will become a showpiece environment for the community.  

The revitalisation of the village will be focused on its natural setting and taking advantage of the topography of the site. Residents will be able to continue their active lifestyle within this "village in the trees" through the provision of various community focused facilities provided onsite. Some of the feature elements in the project include a pool house in the garden, a community gardening hub, quiet contemplative roof gardens and a vibrant display of native and ornamental planting though the ‘Glade’ walk.

The sense of community will be focused around a village green where families and residents come together at the cafe court to watch the grandchildren play in the playground, which features various imaginative play elements. The new community village green will draw on existing and proposed natural elements accentuating the transition of the seasons to gather community members in an uplifting environment.