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ANZAC Commemorative Site

Client: Australian Government Office of Australian War Graves
Location: Gallipoli, Turkey
Year: 2001
Image Credits: Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects

The globally significant site is the foundation of the ANZAC Day Dawn Service, which is a nationally significant day of remembrance that is recognised around the world. Situated on the battlefield in Turkey, this assemblage is particularly important for the countries of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey and attracts over 20,000 people including Prime Ministers and Senior Government Officials. Daily visitation occurs throughout the year where extensive interpretation panels inform and educate visitors as to the significant history of the site.

Framed between the escarpment and the Aegean Sea, the design of the site is distinguished by a broad open glade defined by the dramatic surrounding landscape. The site is a place of contemplation and pilgrimage where people come to gather a further understanding of the significance of the site.

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