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University of Western Sydney Parramatta Campus

Client: University of Western Sydney
Location: James Ruse Dr, Parramatta NSW 2150
Year: 2009 -Ongoing
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Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects, working closely with the design team, provided a Landscape Masterplan for the centre of this iconic State listed heritage site. The concept plan incorporated both the heritage values of the site and the contemporary uses of a modern university that were realised in a concept strategy through to detailed design and documentation of this iconic site that incorporates the 1818 Female Orphan School, the first three story building in Australia.

The external design features strong textural stone banding, the use of still and moving water, scented and highly textural planting in a sustainable landscape through a varied planting palette that is inspired by the important heritage values of the place. Bird attracting plants provide valuable habitat and complement the sustainable strategies with energy efficient systems including low water use and low recurrent costs. The Landscape design is successful in incorporating both the heritage values of place and the requirements for a burgeoning University; servicing the needs of a rapidly growing section of the Sydney metropolitan region and creating memorable open spaces that fulfil the needs of a 21st century campus.