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The University of Wollongong

Client: The University of Wollongong
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Year: 1999-ongoing
Image Credits: Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty Ltd


Located between the vegetated hills of the Illawarra Escarpment and the sandy beaches of the coastline, the University of Wollongong is renowned for its naturalistic campus setting.  Inspired by the native bushland that shelters the Illawarra Escarpment, the natural planting themes of the campus have been expressed in their many diverse forms throughout the campus. Celebrating this diversity, the award winning Kiera View Ponds designed by Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects flows through the centre of the campus providing an engaging atmosphere with its flowing water, natural rocks and timber pedestrian bridges. 

Taylor Brammer have been actively involved in the evolving landscape expression and design of the campus as it has grown to meet the higher educational needs of 21st century. A recently completed Landscape Masterplan Strategy has provided guidelines for the future, celebrating and acknowledging the established landscape character of the place. This document incorporates the many diverse facets of the campus, including the Keira View Ponds, Innovation Campus, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre and the recently completed The East End. Pedestrian linkage and movement is paramount and links to the local community are an integral part of the campus design approach with a permeability and openness that is consistent with aims and objectives of achieving a harmonious environment that encourages world class research and education.